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Exemples d'utilisation du mot escort en anglais. It's totally mistaken to suppose that an armed escort is going to give a journalist any protection - on the contrary, journalists who turn up surrounded by armed personnel are just turning themselves into targets and in even worse danger. My boyfriend's idea of a lesson was to take me on a black diamond run in the middle of a hail storm and say, 'Go!

No, that wasn't humiliating, not at all. If the store were your own business, you'd escort the customer to a product's location in the store and refer to the customer by name. The chief prerequisite for a escort is to have a flexible conscience and an inflexible politeness.

Where do consequences lead? Depends on the escort.

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I was a little doubtful about the propriety of going to the Mammoth Cave without a gentleman escort , but if two ladies travel alone they must have the courage of men. I was in Italy in working on magazine articles when I got a call from the Italian travel commission.

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Signification de escort dans le dictionnaire anglais avec exemples Synonymes et antonymes de escort et traductions de escort dans 25 dictionary escort. 6. RAL is an acronym for french "rire aux larmes" which means "tears of laughter". Can be use to replace lol, mdr, ptdr, lmao, rofl.

They asked, would I mind being an escort for an older woman? I told them I don't do that kind of work, but then they said it was Julia Child, and I said I'd be right there.

The Escort RS Cosworth, which began rallying in , was one of the most ingenious designs of all time, and eventually became Ford's most successful model since the legendary Escorts of the s. Graham Robson, In this engaging book, Herman Lebovics recounts how Malraux's brilliant foray into the realm of diplomacy was but one example of his efforts to employ France's cultural heritage in the service of a renewed national grandeur.

Herman Lebovics, This definitive study takes readers into the cockpits and onto the flight decks of the versatile and William T.

Signification de "escort" dans le dictionnaire anglais

Y'Blood, This book describes the birth, development, and rallying career of the original Ford Escort, one of Europe's Landmark Rally Cars in the early s, providing a compact and authoritative history of where, how and why it became so important The Foundation" is for anyone curious about escort work. Amanda Brooks, In Whatever She Wants, Andrew Rosetta lifts the lid on the mysterious, sexy and little-known world of the male escort. Andrew Rosetta, These remarkably versatile vessels--called CVEs, baby flattops, and even jeeps--hunted submarines, escorted convoys, provided air support, and performed dozens of other tasks that are vividly described in this book.

He's the talk of the ton—for all the wrong reasons! Bronwyn Scott, Jean Barrett,

Traducteur en ligne avec la traduction de escort à 25 langues